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Capital Area Partnership Uplifting People Inc. (CAPUP) has been serving Richmond and the larger capital region of Virginia for more than 50 years. CAPUP was originally known as Richmond Community Action Program (RCAP). Our private non-profit agency was created under the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964, as a major component of the Johnson administration's "War on Poverty."​ With the creation of community action programs the EOA has significantly reduced the poverty epidemic across this nation since it's origination. Our mission: We are dedicated to combating poverty and poverty related issues in the capital region of Virginia through providing direct action and aid to individuals and families facing hardship. With our services extended to youth, adults, and seniors we emphasize our aim to help as many groups as we can because it is these different groups that make these communities great and each group is just as important as the other. We believe in community preservation and providing economic development to assist these communities with the tools and opportunities to grow and flourish on their own. Ones economic status does not define them. We believe in providing assistance in hopefully an impactful way that gives everyone a fighting chance to be more in control of their own future and be able to help their own community as well.
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