Network Terms of Service

TERMS OF USE & POLICY AFFIRMATION | The University of Richmond’s Bonner Center for Civic Engagement (hereafter “CCE”) expects students and alumni to adhere to the following Professional Standards of Conduct as a condition for participating in volunteer-related and civic engagement activities promoted in GivePulse (hereafter called “SpidersEngage”).

PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS OF CONDUCT | By consenting below, I (student/alumnus/a) agree to: (1) Provide accurate and honest information about my education, achievements, and experience; (2) Prepare to the best of my abilities and conduct myself professionally as a representative of the University of Richmond; (3) Accept a volunteer position (minimum of one hour per week), internship, or transportation offer in good faith, with the full intention of honoring the commitment. If I encounter difficulty during the experiences or cannot honor my commitment for any reason, I will contact the CCE for assistance; (4) Cancel any volunteer commitment with adequate notice of two business days and notify the community organization, CCE staff, Transportation staff, and/or faculty member. If an emergency should arise and I am unable to honor my commitment, I will also contact the abovementioned parties immediately, as applicable. I understand that my absence impacts others and potentially prevents an opportunity for another student or alumnus/a; (5) Miss fewer than three scheduled volunteer activities for any reason.

FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS OF CONDUCT | The CCE expects each student and alumnus/a to adhere to these Professional Standards of Conduct. However, when a student or alumnus/a fails to comply, it reflects poorly on the University, jeopardizes community relationships, and misuses University and community organization resources. Depending upon the severity of non-compliance with the Professional Standards of Conduct, the following consequences may ensue: (1) Honor Code or Standards of Student Conduct charge; (2) Suspension of SpidersEngage access; (3) Suspension of volunteer activities supported by the CCE; and/or (4) Required meeting with the appropriate CCE staff and/or faculty member(s).

SPIDERSENGAGE LIMITATION AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY | SpidersEngage, the University’s online volunteer management database, allows students and alumni to search for opportunities posted by community organizations as well as register for events, programs, sessions, etc. offered by the CCE and community organizations. The University of Richmond makes the information available in SpidersEngage as a service to its students. The University of Richmond makes no representations or warranties regarding the organizations included in SpidersEngage and the University specifically disclaims any responsibility to investigate or otherwise assess the organizations included in SpidersEngage or and the nature of the volunteer work involved. The provision of information in SpidersEngage does not indicate an endorsement or recommendation of any organization included in SpidersEngage by the University or the CCE. It is the responsibility of all students and alumni to exercise their own independent due diligence and take all necessary precautions when pursuing and accepting volunteer opportunities, including checking the credentials and integrity of an organization.

By consenting, below, I hereby release, indemnify and hold harmless the University and its officers, trustees, directors, employees, faculty, host sites and agents from any and all damages, claims, actions, liability and expenses (including costs of judgments, settlements, court costs, and attorney's fees), regardless of the outcome of such claims or actions, arising out of or relating in any way to my use of SpidersEngage or my volunteer service at any organization included in SpidersEngage, except such damages, claims or liability arising solely from the gross negligence or intentional misconduct of the University.

I authorize the information contained in SpidersEngage, including but not limited to, first name, last name, phone number, address, and email address, to be viewed by all persons who will be supervising my volunteer activities for which I have registered, including community organization staff and University of Richmond SpidersEngage administrators.

PHOTOGRAPHY/VIDEO CONSENT AND RELEASE | By registering for a CCE provided/sponsored event, I understand and authorize the University of Richmond to copyright and publish all photographs and videos in print or electronic format in which I appear or speak that are taken by or for the University of Richmond. Contact the CCE with questions or concerns regarding this University Policy.

ACCOMMODATIONS | The CCE encourages persons with disabilities to participate in volunteering, events, programs, sessions, etc. sponsored by the CCE or its partners. If on-campus or university transportation accommodations are needed, contact the CCE at least one week prior to the event. If off-campus accommodations are needed, contact the community organization at least on week prior to the event. If participating in an event where food and drink will be provided, notify the CCE or community organization of any dietary restrictions or life-threatening allergies.

DISCLOSURE | The University of Richmond reserves the right to discontinue any or all services at any time or to revise the terms and policies of this Agreement. When terms and policies are revised, they will be posted on SpidersEngage and the CCE website. These terms and policies will be periodically reviewed to ensure compliance.